Concrete Splash Pads: A Closer Look For Interested Homeowners

Even though most homeowners think of getting in touch with a concrete contractor when they need work done to their driveway or a walkway installed, there are a lot of creative and fun ways concrete can be used to enhance your property and make it more interesting. A concrete splash pad is just one example of how concrete could completely change the entertainment aspect of your backyard, but it could easily be one of the most interesting. As a homeowner who has children, you will find it incredibly interesting to see just what a concrete splash pad is and what it could do for your property. 

So, just what is a concrete splash pad anyway?

A concrete splash pad is a section of kid-friendly concrete that is designed with the sole purpose of giving kids a fun place to cool off in the summer. The concrete section usually has rounded edges and a surface sealant to protect the concrete material from water. Children love sprinklers and anything to do with running water when the summer sun is beating down. This concrete surface is affixed with sprinkler heads, spouts, and an array of other water fixtures of your choice that your kids can enjoy when they want to have cool fun in the summer, and best of all, there is a drain installed to wick away the water.

How is a concrete splash pad installed?

If you choose to have a concrete splash pad installed by concrete services, they will work with you to determine a layout that will best fit your backyard. Water lines are connected to existing lines to feed the implemented sprinkler heads and a drain is centered in the middle of the slightly sloping concrete that leads to the septic or sewer system. The water action of the splash pad can either be controlled by an installed knob at the splash pad or via your existing outdoor water spigot. 

Are concrete splash pads easy to maintain?

Concrete splash pads are designed to be functional for many years without hassle. The sealant material, which gives the concrete a nice smooth surface, will protect the area from water deterioration. In the winter months when the splash pad is no longer in use, all that will be required is that you make sure there is no standing water in the sprinkler heads by taking them off and allowing any excess water to escape. 

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