5 Questions To Ask The Contractor Before The Home Expansion Project Begins

Hiring a contractor to help you build onto your home is exciting, but there are also certain questions you should be asking before the project ever begins. Take a look at a few important questions you should ask the general contractor so you are better prepared for the big changes fixing to happen. 

What will the new square footage be after the project is done?

This question is important for several reasons. For one, if the expansion will change the square footage of your home pretty drastically, you may have to look into getting a new HVAC system or heating and cooling setup after the expansion is complete. 

What is the expected duration of the project?

Most general contractors can give you a general timeline of how long the expansion project will take. Of course, this is a general timeline; it could last longer or even be done faster. However, most general contractors are pretty good at assuming just how long something will take and can give you a relatively reliable idea.

Will you be responsible for obtaining building permits?

Building permits are a typical requirement during a home expansion project, especially in urban residential areas. If you will be tasked with obtaining these permits, it is best to know that early on so you can get them before the scheduled start date. Some places will take a while to approve a permit, and you don't want a project delayed while you wait. 

Will there be times you won't have access to water or electricity in the rest of the house?

It is not uncommon for water mains and electricity mains to be shut down during an expansion project when the build gets to a certain point. It is helpful if you know about when this will take place so you can make arrangements to be somewhere else, obtain a generator, or stock up on water. 

What will the general work schedule look like once work begins?

Will the contractor and their team work all week and weekend, or will they only be at your house on certain days? Will the team start working early in the morning and quit late at night or follow a strict work schedule? These are things you are going to want to know before an expansion project begins. Knowing the intended schedule will help you plan your days around the work being done on your home. 

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