Assessing The Problems With Plumbing Drains To Find The Cause Of Blockage And Clear Lines

The plumbing drains in your home can be clogged due to many different problems, such as grime in the kitchen or hair in the bathroom drain. They can also be clogged due to issues with the main drain line, such as problems with roots or decaying pipes. No matter what the reason for the blockage is, you want to find out what is causing the problem to clear the drain lines. The following tips will help you assess the problems causing your household plumbing drains to be clogged.

Dealing with the Clogged Drains in Kitchens Due to Sinks and Appliances Clogging Lines  

The kitchen is one of the areas of your home where clogged drain lines are common. These problems are often due to food or other debris getting caught in the trap beneath the sink, which is something that you may be able to solve on your own. It can also be due to grease and grime building up on the pipes, which can often be cleared by pouring boiling water down the drain. In addition, appliances like dishwashers in the kitchen can also be the cause of clogged drains, which is why it is important to do maintenance like cleaning the appliances and their drain filters.

The Problems with Sinks, Bathtubs, and Showers Causing Drain Lines to Become Clogged

The bathroom is the next area of your home where clogged drains can be a common occurrence. This is often due to things like hair in drains or other debris getting washed down drains or flushed down toilets. To solve the issues with bathroom drains, use traps to protect the pipes from these problems and avoid flushing anything other than toilet paper. When the blockage in bathrooms is deep in pipes, contact a drain cleaning service to help clear the drain line.

Roots and Plants Causing Problems with the Main Drain Line and Clogging Household Plumbing

Drain lines are also vulnerable to problems with plants and their roots outside of your home. Therefore, you want to check these areas for issues if the plumbing in your home is draining slowly and not just in an isolated area. If the problem is due to roots, you may want to consider relocating the main drain line and using barrier systems to help protect the pipes from damage due to roots.

Decaying Pipes and Collapsed Lines That Cause Problems with Your Household Plumbing Drains

Decaying pipes are another problem that can cause your drain lines to become clogged. They may be clogged due to sediments getting in the lines and causing the blockage or it could be due to issues with collapsing. These problems will usually need to be solved by replacing the main drain line, but sometimes drain cleaning and retrofitting the pipe with a liner can help solve the problem.

These are some tips that will help you assess the problems causing your household plumbing drains to be clogged. If you need help clearing the blockage from your pipes, contact a drain cleaning service for help with repairs.