Choose New Landscaping Features For Your Golf Course

The aesthetics used to enhance your golf course are just as important as the functionality of the property. A new drainage system, putting greens, and grassy terrain may have recently been installed, but now you may be wondering how to brighten up the course and provide your guests with a play area that is enjoyable to traverse.

Landscaping Shouldn't Interfere With Gameplay

Your patrons need a clear area to swing their clubs and any landscaping features that aren't added to the edges of the property could potentially affect a player's gameplay. Think about the types of upgrades that you would like to see on your course. Maybe you have become inspired, due to seeing a beautiful waterfall or flowering shrubs that were on another golf course that you visited.

A general contractor can help you set up some plans, which will include deciding upon how many features will be added, suitable landscaping materials and plants, that are both cost-effective and resilient, and the actual upgrades that will be performed. To provide the course with consistency, you can either set up a feature or two along each hole or you can have distinct areas upgraded, such as at the very beginning and the end of the course or along the property that borders the pro shop, restaurant, and other buildings that are on your property.

You May Want To Add Features That Are Easy To Care For

Some landscaping materials or products may look great, but do you know what type of care level is necessary to maintain them? Your general contractor can advise you, based upon your maintenance crew's expertise level or the amount of time that you are going to allot to the care of items. There may be a specific water feature that is pretty much self-sustainable, yet looks complex in design or there may be materials that will rinse off cleanly and won't require any scrubbing or attention to detail.

Large or small rocks can be used to form barriers or to retain soil or you can have young saplings planted, which will not only add beauty to your golf course, but that will also ensure that guests can enjoy the shade that is provided once the trees mature in size. Use plants or trees that are native to the area and that contain interesting attributes that will appeal to your guest's senses. Installing a sprinkler system can cut down on maintenance duties and you may want to invest in additional sprinklers if you do not currently own enough.

If you need landscaping materials, reach out to a general contractor or a supplier.