Tips to Plan and Install an Asphalt Gravel Foundation

A new asphalt driveway or road on your property provides you clear and easy access for your property and your vehicles. But to get a long-lasting asphalt paved surface, you should start with a stable foundation made from compacted aggregate. Here are some tips to help you plan for and install an aggregate foundation for your asphalt pavement.

Order the Aggregate

When you are planning to pour a foundation for your asphalt, it needs to be made of compacted aggregate that will provide a stable base for the asphalt's flexible top layer. A majority of the pavement's durability is contained within the aggregate and its unique stability and drainage for the project. Order the right amount of aggregate directly from an aggregate or gravel supplier based on the size of your project.

For an aggregate layer below an asphalt paved surface, plan for six inches to provide a good base. Calculate your needs based on the square footage of the area and the depth of the finished aggregate foundation. This will require you to divide your square footage by 27 to convert it into cubic yards, which is how the aggregate supplier will order for your needs. 

The aggregate will arrive on a truck and they will need to know where you want it deposited at your worksite. Once they dump the delivery on your property, they usually don't spread it around for you, so you will need to prepare for this work. A mini excavator or a Bobcat are both great options to move and spread around the gravel. Working with wheelbarrows and shovels is a viable option as well but can be time consuming and laborious.

Prepare the Site

A layer of gravel for your new asphalt foundation will require you to excavate some of the soil from the site to keep the foundation below grade. Then, when the asphalt layer is poured over the gravel, it will create a smooth transition from the surrounding soil areas and onto the pavement.

Plan to have the area excavated in the proper amount for your gravel foundation. Then, when the gravel delivery arrives you can plan to have the delivery unloaded directly onto the foundation area. This actually reduces how much work is required when you don't have to transport your gravel from its delivery site and onto its final location. Then, you can compact the gravel and level the surface for your new asphalt.

For more information about aggregate, contact companies like LP Murray.