Prioritize Stump Removal When Making Your Yard Easier To Care For

Whether you've had a tree removed years ago or it was done recently, you may be left with a tree stump in the yard. While a tree stump may seem harmless enough, there are numerous risks to be aware of that can affect how happy you are with your yard.

Instead of leaving a tree stump in the yard, consider the following risks and the benefits that removing a stump will make for the care of your yard. 

Reduce Pests

One of the biggest things to be aware of regarding the care of your yard is the presence of pests. Termites are prevalent with tree stumps, making themselves a home in the rotting wood. Having pests in your yard can frustrate you and lead to a lot of headaches over clearing them out later. 

Unless you have a lot of experience with pest control, you will need to have these services done repeatedly to avoid termites becoming a significant concern. Instead of leaving the stump be, it's best to get the stump removed entirely and eliminate the source for termites. 

Avoid Obstacles

Depending on how much lawn you have, it can be challenging to mow around a leftover stump. Not only can the stump be in the way when mowing the lawn, but it can also be a trip hazard when walking through your yard.

Since you don't want your yard to be a challenge to navigate or have issues from a stump being left behind, you'll want it cleared out as soon as possible. This can make mowing the yard much more manageable and allow you to enjoy the yard without obstacles in the way. 

Protect the Home

While a removed tree with a leftover stump may seem harmless, you may be unaware that the roots can continue to grow underneath. This can be a significant concern since the roots can spread and affect your home. From the foundation being affected to the pipes, removing the stump will eliminate these risks being a concern. 

Taking care of your yard can be a lot easier when you schedule for any stumps to be removed. Whether they're ground down or removed below the stump, professional help can ensure that it's a lot easier to have the yard cleaned up. Understanding the above risks associated with leftover tree stumps will ensure that the yard won't have significant issues that you could have avoided with stump removal.  

Call a stump removal company for more information.