3 Reasons You Need Waterproofing Services To Keep Your Basement Dry

If your basement is often wet, you may think you have to put up with the problem. However, a waterproofing contractor can find a solution that helps keep your basement dry. Different types of waterproofing services are available, and some are less expensive than others, so you can find an option that works best for your situation. Here's why it's so important to keep your basement dry.

1. The Structure Of Your House Could Be Affected

If wet basement problems go on long enough, your foundation might crack or shift. The structure of your house could be in danger if your foundation or house shifts. Even if your house isn't in peril, things like wavy floors, doors, windows that won't open or shut, and cracks on the walls could develop that will be a major annoyance.

Your basement should be as dry as possible, so when it's wet, call a waterproofing service to figure out where the water is coming from so steps can be taken to protect the structure of your home.

2. Mold May Spread Through Your Home

If your basement is wet, there's a good chance mold is growing in there somewhere. Even if you don't go in your basement very often, you can still be exposed to mold spores that waft upstairs. Plus, the spores that make it upstairs can spread and grow mold under your floor or behind the walls and irritate your allergies and respiratory system.

If you already have mold growing in your basement, you might need to have mold removal done when you have the space waterproofed.

3. Your HVAC And Water Heater Could Be Ruined

If your furnace and water heater are in the basement, they could be damaged if the water gets very high. They might also start to rust due to the high humidity caused by the wet basement. Since a furnace and water heater are expensive appliances, you want to protect them by keeping the space around them dry.

Once the waterproofing service has stopped the leaking and dried out your basement, you might want to run a dehumidifier down there all the time to keep moisture out of the air so your basement is always nice and dry to protect your appliances and anything else you store in there.

A dry basement is much better for your home than one that's always damp or that has standing water that attracts insects and rodents. The basement smells better when it's dry and it's less hazardous. The question is which waterproofing services do you need. Your contractor might recommend a sump pump, waterproof coating, exterior drain, or membrane on an exterior wall to keep your space dry.