3 Tips For Using A Garbage Disposal The Right Way

Have you finally decided to add a garbage disposal to your kitchen? This handy appliance can be an amazing help to you in the kitchen, but you need to know how to use it. Here are some tips that will help with using a garbage disposal the right way.

Know How To Run A Garbage Disposal

You'll definitely want to know a few tricks when it comes to running a garbage disposal, which starts with actually running it. There is a switch that is going to activate the spinning blade within the canister under the sink, but it shouldn't just be turned on without some preparation. 

Make sure that you run the water for a little bit so that the garbage disposal has water in it. Then turn on the garbage disposal and let it chop up the food that is inside. Then you can turn off the garbage disposal, but let the water run for a few more seconds. This will help clear off any food that is stuck to the blades and hopefully push it down the drain. 

Know What Shouldn't Be Put In A Garbage Disposal

While a garbage disposal may seem like an amazing appliance to get rid of food waste, know that there are some things that should not go into a garbage disposal. You will want to avoid putting any uncooked vegetables in the device, such as uneaten salads, which can eventually cause a big clog. That's because these vegetables are fibrous, and while they will get chopped up, they can clump together in the drain and prevent water from draining out to the sewer. 

You should also avoid putting any grease into the garbage disposal as well. Water in the garbage disposal is going to cause the grease to harden up, which can cause problems if it is deep within your plumbing. You may end up getting a deep clog that needs to be cleaned with a sewer snake. 

Know To Use Your Garbage Disposal Regularly

A garbage disposal is an appliance that you should use if you have it. If you do not plan on using a garbage disposal, then consider taking it out of your kitchen. That's because an unused garbage disposal can cause a lot of problems. It can easily form an odor that makes your kitchen smell, and bacteria can also form on the inside. Using the dishwasher frequently helps prevent problems from happening.

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