Commercial Properties: 4 Reasons You Should Consider Installing Flat Roofs

As a commercial property owner, there are plenty of roofing options you may want to consider for your building. One of the roof types that can offer you great value is a flat roof. Flat roofs are ideal for commercial facilities since they are durable and offer installation space for HVAC systems and solar panels. This guide explores reasons why you should call an experienced roofer to install a flat roof on your commercial building.

Effective Utilization of Space

A flat roof comes with the benefit of extra storage space. For instance, if your commercial property houses a hotel, the rooftop can serve as a bar. In industrial properties, flat roofs accommodate HVAC equipment. The benefit of having the heating and cooling system on the roof is that it's easier for maintenance staff to access it. Besides, it helps save on valuable space inside the building.

Efficient and Economical Roofing Option

The installation cost is relatively low based on the flat roofing type you wish to install. In addition, the labor charges for flat roofs are significantly lower than for sloped roofs. That is because, during construction, the roofing contractor doesn't need to reinforce joists. Furthermore, the slope to be installed is significantly lower than other roofing types.

Durable Roofing and Keeps Utility Costs Down

Unlike other roofs, a flat roof is suited for different climates. Even with its low slope, a flat roof will still allow water to drain effectively from your roof. Because of that, it does not experience rot and water pooling, which reduces the need for frequent maintenance. Typically, your roofer will install a reflective flat roof membrane if you reside in a hot climatic region. With the membrane, the sun's UV rays aren't absorbed by your roof, meaning that you'll make huge savings on your energy bills.

Effective Drainage System

Commercial roofs are usually large and collect a lot of water. That being the case, installing gutter systems on the property might not be viable. Due to the large volumes of water collecting on the roof, the water in the gutters might back up, causing damage to your roofing materials. So when it comes to expansive commercial roofs, roofing professionals prefer to install symphonic or gravity-driven drainage systems. These systems involve piping installed across the roof to help divert a large amount of water.

When installing a flat roof, seek the services of a commercial roofing installation professional. Professional installation of your commercial roof will enable you to gain the benefits mentioned above. For more information on new construction roofing, contact a professional near you.