What To Consider Before A Deck Installation Project

Taking on a deck installation project isn't as simple as describing your plans to a contractor. There are some things you'll want to consider before you get a job rolling, so here is a look at three items that should be on your checklist. Measurements It's wise to grab some stakes and a ton of string to map out where your deck will go. Create a plan on grid paper, using each square to represent one square-foot of area. Read More 

Assessing The Problems With Plumbing Drains To Find The Cause Of Blockage And Clear Lines

The plumbing drains in your home can be clogged due to many different problems, such as grime in the kitchen or hair in the bathroom drain. They can also be clogged due to issues with the main drain line, such as problems with roots or decaying pipes. No matter what the reason for the blockage is, you want to find out what is causing the problem to clear the drain lines. Read More 

5 Questions To Ask The Contractor Before The Home Expansion Project Begins

Hiring a contractor to help you build onto your home is exciting, but there are also certain questions you should be asking before the project ever begins. Take a look at a few important questions you should ask the general contractor so you are better prepared for the big changes fixing to happen.  What will the new square footage be after the project is done? This question is important for several reasons. Read More 

How Important Is It To Check Your Roof For Storm Damage?

The period after a storm has passed is not to be used to relax and take a sigh of relief. This is when most prudent homeowners will get on top of their roofs and start analyzing the damage that the storm did. Although it's tempting to take a moment to relax after surviving a storm, the reality is that there will be other storms. Additionally, even if there are no more storms to worry about in the near future, you could still find yourself in trouble if there's a slight drizzle. Read More 

How A Property Manager Saves You Money

Many landlords choose to manage their own property to maximize profits. However, this is a big mistake which can cost them a significant amount of money. A property manager has the expertise, experience, and resources that new landlords do not possess. The following are some major reasons why a property manager saves you money: Shorter Vacancy Length The more a property sits vacant, the more it costs to the landlord. In other words, landlords will make more money when the property remains least vacant. Read More